Scene to Believe

scene to believe

I have just finished working with Santa and Scene to Believe. Stressful, fast paced and magical, I had a blast! We beat targets, took thousands of awesome photos and made it on Santas good list.

I acted as 2IC, I was responsible for assisting with setting up the photography equipment. Interacting with children to capture the perfect photo. Upselling packages and working efficiently to meet targets and operating the in-house software and professional equipment to produce the best quality photos (photo picture above taken by Kim Hodge on a camera phone). This was just one of the jobs I had at the time, I was also working for Acts 2 College as a Multimedia Designer and producing some secret projects (watch this space)!

Scott J Mitchell BA (SJMitch) is a Professional Digital Artist with over 2 years of experience within the industry. SJMitch specialises in VFX & 3D animation, as well as expanding into Graphic design and Photography. SJMitch is currently working full time as a freelance Digital Artist. SJMitch also enjoys surfing, going to the gym, playing the drums, watching films, playing games, visiting museums/galleries and more!