Acts 2

I’m Currently working with Acts 2 College (www.acts2come.wa.edu.au/) where I’m responsible for designing and producing E-Learning and Marketing Material.

I’m currently working on a Windows platform with Adobe CC and Articulate Storyline. I am also responsible for producing concept art, Marketing Material and Animations.

scene to believe

I have just finished working with Santa and Scene to Believe. Stressful, fast paced and magical, I had a blast! We beat targets, took thousands of awesome photos and made it on Santas good list.

I acted as 2IC, I was responsible for assisting with setting up the photography equipment. Interacting with children to capture the perfect photo. Upselling packages and working efficiently to meet targets and operating the in-house software and professional equipment to produce the best quality photos (photo picture above taken by Kim Hodge on a camera phone). This was just one of the jobs I had at the time, I was also working for Acts 2 College as a Multimedia Designer and producing some secret projects (watch this space)!


I worked with Harvey Norman for 3-4 months part time while pruning. I was responsible for printing photos using a digital wet lab, this included servicing and paper changing. I also scanned and retouched photos, printed canvases using the large format printer and produced photo books. I also directed calls and provided general cashier work. It was a blast working with Brad and the Busso crew and I learned so much.

Beanies pawtraits home page

I’ve recently worked with Beanies Pawtraits improving the back end and compatible. As well as improving the aesthetics. But don’t just take my word for it: www.beaniespawtraits.co.uk

Sigma lens Australia offered a lot of new unforeseen circumstances, back in Blighty I would have considered a Macro or wide angle. Instead I find myself buying a 120-400mm. I’m looking forward to shooting sports and wildlife with this beauty.

dunsborough banner

I’ve recently moved to Dunsborough to complete my regional work so that I can extend my visa to 2 years, here are a few pics of the beautiful surroundings.


SJMitch has recently finished working with Warrior Assault Systems, SJMitch was responsible for the majority of the marketing material which included product photography and photo retouching. I uploaded the artwork to their website which I maintained.

I produced various marketing material including 2 product catalogues, product packaging, web banners, product specification sheets and various promotional material.

I managed and maintained all creative content and liaised with retailers. I also produced 3D animations showcasing product demonstrations.

Warrior Product Photography
Warrior Graphic design
Warrior Documentary

new flash banner

Up till now I’ve relied on borrowing flashes or using tripods and long exposures. It’s time to up my game. After lots of research of both reading specs and physically trying different flashes with the 5D Mark II I settled on the Di700 from Nissin, that and the shop marketed it as being “sexy.” Sold!

Wow what a flash, cheap, high quality, responsive, lot’s of bang for buck, super easy to use and damn does it look sexy. I can’t wait to use this more.


SJMitch and Beanies Pawtraits travelled to Birmingham NEC for what was once “Focus on imaging” and is now “The Photography show”- run by Future publishing. I was eager to see Nikons D4S and try out a few bits of tech on my wishlist.

We had a great time trying out lenses from Sigma and Tamron and I left with a lighter wallet, a heavier bag and a slightly disgruntled accountant. SJ Mitch now shoots with a Di700 a powerful, simple and according to the retailer of said purchase sexy flashgun- I’ve got to admit it’s a stunner!

I was in awe with Eizos 4K monitor, which they tell me is years old and had been on loan to a few of the Soho based VFX houses. I was intrigued by Panasonics Lumix DMC-GH4 with it’s reasonable price tag and 4K recording capabilities. And I was refreshed by the open garden section which was there to promote the International Garden Photographer Of The Year competition. Overall I was most impressed Tamron, I’ve had my eyes on their telephotos with VC and their very sharp Macros for quite sometime, I imagine some new glass can’t be too far off!

new lens banner

I made the plunge on a professional DSLR, time for some professional glass. Budget being tight and a wedding shoot around the corner, I decided to go for the stock 24-105 F/4 L lens. Not only is this great for landscape, portraits and distance photography, it’s also the go to lens for videographers. This will be my main lens for a while and I intend on expanding my photography career from product photography into other media.