Scott J Mitchell

SJMitch is the alias of Digital Multimedia Artist Scott John Mitchell BA (Hons).

I have been creating commercial creative digital multimedia since 2007. I have a solid foundation in Fine Art and Media as well as several years of experience as a freelance artist. I have been drawing since I can remember, I studied Fine Art in college and later graduated with a degree in Computer Animation. I’ve created assets for video games, marketing material for commercial companies and I’ve hand coded websites. I have studied typography and worked as a professional photographer shooting products, weddings, models, children and more!

SJMitch produces Websites, Graphics, Animations and more! My artwork can be seen on thousands of websites, on the sides of vans, in hundreds of shops, on countless screens and even on the walls of people homes. I live and breath art in all it’s mediums, my passion is to produce art that can be sold and enjoyed by the masses.

I also attend creative Expos, browse the Digital Art forums, visit the cinema and museums, go to the gym, Surf, Downhill Mountain Bike, Skateboard, play the drums and more!


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